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The Thread of Gold
From the Author
therapeutic value for me, but also helped me clarify and give voice to many matters in my
heart and mind. Over a period of time, I came to believe that God had inspired me to write in
order to leave a record of my spiritual history for my children and grandchildren. I believed
He wanted me to tell them about His love and faithfulness to me during my lifetime,
especially through times of suffering. I was hopeful that they would see the great and
tender love God had shown to me and also be drawn to love Him. After about ten years, the
Lord began to indicate to me that my story was not for my family alone. However, for a
number of reasons, sharing it on a broader scale was not something I was ready or willing
to do. But as God has done throughout my life, He once again brought me in His own way
to the place where I was able to obey Him.

As much as I would like to tell my story in a form that would allow you to see just my God,
my wonderful treasure, and not have to spend too much time looking at this earthen vessel,
I have found that feat quite impossible. Be assured that in the pages of this book, the
beautiful character is God. The other one, the one with all the needs, the flaws, and the
hurts, is me. You will see how God makes Himself known to me and weaves a beautiful
thread of gold into my little, common, unexceptional, often fearful, and seemingly
purposeless life.

You may find that my life, at its core, is much like your own, in that whenever we are quiet
and reflect a little, we know we live each day on shaky ground. Deep down, we know that we
really have no guarantees about anything…unless there is God.

My story shows that God does indeed exist, and that He loves us with a love that far
surpasses our ability to understand. It demonstrates that His love is readily offered and
easily obtained. It doesn’t have to be earned because it is already given. When we accept
His love, it sets us on a rock from which we can never be dislodged. It gives us a deep,
unshakable knowing that, not only are we safe in this dark and distressing world, but we
each also have been placed here with a special and wonderful purpose.

You will not find a textbook Christian life on these pages—one that moves along nicely from
point A to point Z as if following a “how-to-be-a-Christian” manual. You will not find a neat,
systematic, theologically-defined, orthodox experience. Instead, you will find a typical
person who seeks God through the twists and turns of a messy human life and finds Him,
or should I say, is found by Him. This book reveals the wonderful secret that every difficulty
in life, every human suffering or tangled circumstance, is actually a gateway waiting to open
and usher us into God’s presence and His plan for our lives.

As you read, I hope that you will find Him, the One who not only brings us through every
hardship to a place of triumph, but also makes us channels to others of His great love. Our
faith in Him, which grows through all our experiences with Him on our journey through life,
will remain for our eternal joy—the beautiful thread of gold which was woven through the
dark-colored threads of our afflictions.

                                                                - Jane Carole Anderson
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