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The Thread of Gold
This story is for everyone. If you are not a Christian, in it you will see how God dearly
loves people, including you, and how He wants to work in your ordinary life to make it an
extraordinary one of eternal significance. If you are young in your life with God, you will
learn how He wants to bring you into a mature relationship with Him over your lifetime. If
you seek a deeper knowledge of God, not only will you find encouragement, but also in
your pursuit, you will discover a wonderful secret as you learn about the deeper meaning
and working of the cross as it applies to you in your Christian living. If you have been
confronted, or know anyone involved, with the church in the author’s story, or with a
similar group, you can gain an invaluable insight into the nature and workings of such
communities. And especially you who have “been there and done that,” only to come out
of the experience much older and brokenhearted, you will find among these pages much
comfort in seeing how He is able, and indeed desires, to heal everything within you that
has been broken or wounded. Whatever your case may be, God in His love and wisdom
has placed this book into your hands.

May God bless you richly, dear reader, even as I was blessed with His speaking to my
heart, in the reading of this book. While you commune with God and consider the
wonder of His ways, you will find between these covers applications of divine truth to a
life uniquely your own. My prayer is that as you turn these pages thoughtfully, He will
engrave this infinitely wonderful and living truth on your heart. He did on mine.

                                                            - David Edwards
God's Purpose, the Cross, and Me
A True Story