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The Thread of Gold
Feedback: Introduction
Jane, the author, would like to learn about any help that the book afforded you or someone
you know. You can email her at
TheThreadOfGold@gmail.com. Of course, all
communications will be kept in confidence for your protection.
God's Purpose, the Cross, and Me
A True Story
Let Someone Hear From You
We have prayed often that God would put this book into the hands of those He wanted to
receive it. We didn’t plan how that would happen but left that part to God. The response to
the book continues to amaze us. Also surprising to us is that the book, in addition to
spreading throughout the U.S., has gone to eighteen other countries.
This feedback is taken from emails and compiled in a narrative:

•  From those who read initial drafts

•   From those who read the book during its first month
This representative feedback is posted from actual emails and phone call notes:

From those formerly in the Local Church

•   From those currently in the Local Church

•   From those never in the Local Church
Posted in November 2005
Posted in June 2006
Posted in July 2006
This feedback is posted from an actual email:

From India about the Living Stream Ministry
Also, it would be an encouragement to many others if you would post your feedback on the
forum at
LocalChurchDiscussions.com. There is a topic for The Thread of Gold there, and
you can post your comments under an alias, if you prefer.
The following testimonials are from the first year of publication. They are written in a way to
keep identities secret, and there are no plans to post any more testimonials.