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The Thread of Gold
Feedback: From Those Who Read Initial Drafts
Around 1999, Jane read to several ladies at a Bible study one of her written experiences
with God about His provision of shoes, and they wanted to hear more. When they
discovered she had a large volume of personal writing, they asked to read some of it. The
response was surprising to her. One person did a complete and unsolicited editing of her
writing. Another said, “Jane, one day this will be a book. When it is, please find me
wherever I am and send me a copy.” I (her husband) also read the manuscript and found it
to be very helpful to me in my spiritual life. Our sons read it, too, and were very
complimentary and encouraging.

In the next four years, several things happened that God used to cause her to seriously
consider publishing a book. Then God brought a Christian from our past into our lives
again. When he found out about the manuscript, he asked to read it and subsequently
became its champion. He was determined to see it published, saying he felt that it would
be helpful to most anyone. His involvement in the project became the catalyst to focus our
energies toward publishing what Jane had written.

As the book took shape, Jane shared various renditions with others and asked for their
comments. Several had suggestions about how the book could be improved, but everyone
was very favorably impressed with it. The comment she got most was this: “Jane, I couldn’t
put it down.” This came from those who had been in the Local Church and those who had
not. She even got the same comment from a friend who was not a Christian. (She has
since become one.) One comment particularly stood out to us that came from an evangelist
who has ministered worldwide. He said, “I believe that this book will help many around the
world.” By this time, we were convinced that we were on the road that God had mapped out
for us.
God's Purpose, the Cross, and Me
A True Story