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Chapter 1
Buying the Book
The Thread of Gold
Feedback: From Those Who Read the Book the First Month
[Because of concern for retribution, responders names are not shown, since many of the
responders are still associated in some way with the Local Church of Witness Lee. Some
wording presented as quotes was edited to further protect the responders, but the
meanings have not been changed.]

God truly moves in mysterious ways, and His ways are not our ways. The feedback on the
book this first month has been amazing. We have gotten over fifty very favorable responses
The Thread of Gold: God's Purpose, the Cross, and Me. Jane and I (her husband and
editor) were hopeful that it would be helpful to some, but the response thus far has
exceeded our expectations.

Some very interesting things have happened that show us how God is answering our
prayers to distribute this book. For instance, one person saw someone reading
The Thread
of Gold
at a coffee shop and asked about it. She soon discovered that the book contained
information about the same church that a dear friend of hers overseas had just begun to
attend. She had been worried about the recent changes in her friend’s behavior and
obtained a copy to send to her. In another situation, a friend of Jane’s discovered that one of
her private students was a former member of the church in Jane’s book and had relatives
who were former members as well. Jane’s friend recommended the book to her student
and gave her a copy for herself and another for the other family members.

The Thread of Gold was printed, we released it to a small group of people, some
whom we knew and some we didn’t. Within a day of its release, we began hearing positive
feedback. One couple was reading it on their return trip home, before bed, and then before
breakfast the next day. It seems that they couldn’t put it down, and this trend seems to be
continuing. In fact, we just heard from someone who received a copy in the mail one
afternoon, stayed up all night reading it, ate breakfast, finished the book, and then went to
work around noon! She phoned and was so excited, saying things like this: “It was so
amazing. I just don’t have the words to say what I feel. This book is so needed. I am so
thankful you wrote it. Others could have written, but you know how the Local Church
squashes people and makes them afraid. But you did it! This book is like a miracle!”

We heard from another friend who was uncharacteristically very effusive in his praise.
Interestingly, he had only read through chapter 11 when he emailed us his comments. This
pattern has continued. Several have written thanking us for the book while still only part-way
through it. One who wanted to learn about this church expressed, “I can’t wait to get through
the entire book. I was reading in bed by flashlight last night.”

Another wrote, “Jane, the book is getting rave reviews from everyone I have talked to who is
reading it. Not only is the writing excellent, but the vivid accounts of how the Lord moved in
you, your dealings with Him, all are such a help to many, and I trust will be to many more.”
One person called to say how deeply the main message of the book, Christ and Him
crucified, had affected him. He felt humbled. He said that the light the Lord gave him had
begun to open up things to him in the Bible in an amazing way. He also related that he had
found a close friend reading the book, weeping and thanking the Lord!

Three days after its release, a thread about the book appeared on The Bereans Apologetics
Research Institute’s forum. One of the discussion boards there is about Witness Lee and
the Local Church of Recovery, and it has a topic about
The Thread of Gold (thebereans.
net/forum/index.php?topic=4984.0). (Although this topic mostly contains postings from
former members of the Local Church, it also includes some from current members.) As a
result of the posting of this topic, we have sent books to six different countries outside the
United States. These requests came in even though at that time our web site was not set
up to sell books outside of the United States.

We’ve also heard from some who grew up in the Local Church and have left it, but what
really surprised Jane and me are the responses we’ve received from people who are still in
the Local Church. Many of these people do live in fear, wondering what will happen to them
if they leave it. The brief stories that some tell are very heart rending as they seek to make
sense of their confusing situations. Someone who grew up there, but feels the Lord is
leading him out, wrote, “The final chapters are really especially beautiful, refreshing, and
healing.” He thinks that the book is just what he needs. Jane’s journey with God was
helpful to him, and he believes that the book will be very special to him in the future. He
expressed hope that his leaving might be a positive experience because Jane’s experience
of leaving shows her thread of gold continuing in her life.

One man wrote, “I am not the crying kind of person, but my heart was almost broken
reading about Jane’s experience. It took me to a time when I, too, was completely engulfed
in the daily church experience.” He shared his own heartbreaking story about what
happened to him in the Local Church and how he lost all communication with his children
who are still in the group. We’ve heard from those who have spouses that are still in this
church and whose marriages are in deep trouble as a result. We’ve heard from those
who've experienced much depression and had very troubled lives because of their
experiences in this church. They are very thankful to read about someone who was freed
from deceptive teachings and practices and has found healing from all the hurt incurred
there. They write about the hope that Jane’s story gives them for their own future.

And from someone who didn’t know anything about the Local Church: “I started reading
your book last night. Reading about your teenage years was like reliving mine. I always
talked to God every single night, just like you.” And from another who didn’t know about it: “I
read very slow because the English is my second language. I have been reading a little by
little every day. I wish you were right next to me while I am reading it. I have been laughing
and crying with you! Thank you so much for your precious book.”

Then there are the people who say that they want to read it a second time. One said to a
mutual friend, “I’ve been a Christian for a long time, but I never realized how much God
wants to have a personal relationship with me regarding all the little things in my life. I’m
planning to read the book again in case I might have missed something.” And from
someone who actually did read the book a second time came this: “Jane, there is one thing
that I didn’t like about the book that I realized as I finished it again. It was over too soon!” He
has ordered several books to send to others.

Jane and I are truly thankful that
The Thread of Gold has been so helpful to others. We
continue to pray that all who read it will be drawn to know God for themselves and will find
in their lives their own threads of gold with Him.
God's Purpose, the Cross, and Me
A True Story