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Chapter 1
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The Thread of Gold
About the Book
A Love Story
The Background
The background of this story offers a rare look at the inner workings of a controversial
church in which the author was persecuted for her personal Christian beliefs. It
depicts the gradual development of an environment of deception and provides insight
into how people seeking God can be caught up in such groups. The lessons the
author learned, the knowledge she gained about Christ and Him crucified, and the
truth that set her free are invaluable.
God's Purpose
As God's purpose for her life begins to take shape and her tangled experiences begin
to make sense, a beautiful part of God's masterpiece unfolds—one that God has
skillfully and patiently crafted. You will realize that you, too, have a unique place and
purpose in His universal tapestry, one He is waiting to show you.
This is a love story between a believer's heart and the great and loving heart of God.
Journey with the author as God gradually wins her love and as He faithfully carries her
through a long, dark valley of suffering to a place of peace, joy, and victory. Witness the
powerful message of the cross at work in her life and find yourself drawn to the One
who suffered and died on the cross for you.
God's Purpose, the Cross, and Me
A True Story