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Books by Jane Carole Anderson
The Thread of Gold: God's Purpose, the Cross, and Me
This book, The Thread of Gold: God's Purpose,
the Cross, and Me,
tells the true story of Jane
Carole Anderson’s twenty-year journey through
the Local Church of Witness Lee. It reveals her
discovery of the powerful and practical message
of the cross, one that saved her from deception
and revealed God’s purpose for her life.

The author writes, "When your goal is to know
God, you will find an amazing thread of gold
being woven into the details of your life and
circumstances. That golden thread will be your
very own, unique, personal experience of Him.
You will come to know Him as One who takes
care of everything concerning you—from
commonplace things to the deeply significant
matters of the heart. I know Him as both the God
who takes care of my washing machine and the
God who wipes away my tears. In His way and
time, He will unfold the unique purpose He has
for your life. Ultimately, you and your thread of
gold will remain forever, perfectly woven
together with millions of others and their
threads of gold into God's masterpiece, and put
on display for eternity."

We at Protus Publications are truly thankful that
The Thread of Gold has already been helpful to
a number of people as evidenced by those who
have given us feedback. We continue to pray
that God will put this book into the hands of all
those whom He desires to receive it.
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